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Sodium Pyrophosphate China Supplier

Food-grade sodium pyrophosphate is one of these food additives. Food-grade sodium pyrophosphate is a white powder that can be fused with water and used as a stabilizer and buffer in food processing. Food grade sodium pyrophosphate will be used in the production of soy sauce and fruit juice. Food grade sodium pyrophosphate can improve the color of soy sauce and fruit juice and make the color brighter.

Type : Sodium Pyrophosphate
CAS No. : 7758-16-9
MF : Na2H2P2O7
EINECS No. : 231-835-0
Place of Origin : China
Grade Standard : Food Grade
Purity : 95.6%, 95
Appearance : White Powder
Application : Food Additive

Brand Name :FIC
Product Name:Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate

Sodium Pyrophosphate Specification

Specifications     Guaranteed Typical
Appearance White Powder White powder
Main contents         % ≥96.5 97.4
 PH of 1% water solution 9.9-10.7 10.2
 Water insoluble       % ≤0.05 0.02
Arsenic,as As          % ≤ 0.0003 0.0001
Heavy Metals,as Pb     % ≤0.001 0.0006
F                   % ≤0.005 0.0009
Ig-Loss              % ≤0.5 0.2

Sodium Pyrophosphate China Supplier

Sodium Pyrophosphate Application

1. used as starter for baking food and controlling fermentation speed.

2. used for instant noodles, reduce the time of rehydration, not sticky.

3 used in biscuits, cakes, shorten fermentation time, reduce product breakage rate, loose voids neat, can extend the storage period

Sodium Pyrophosphate Packing

25kg bags