With the increasing concern of consumers about the safety of food additives, the market demand for DL malic acid, as a natural and multifunctional ingredient, is rapidly growing. The application value of DL malic acid is constantly being explored and recognized, from enhancing food flavor to promoting physical health. In this blog post, we will unveil the mystery of DL malic acid and take you on how this natural ingredient has become a shining star in the food industry.

DL malic acid character and application

DL malic acid is a natural organic dicarboxylic acid with the chemical formula C4H6O5, named after its high content in apples. It exists in various fruits, such as apples, grapes, cherries, etc., and is an intermediate product in the human metabolic process. The appearance is a triclinic white crystal with a melting point of 130 ℃ and a relative density of 1.601. It is easily soluble in methanol, ethanol, acetone, and many other polar solvents.

DL malic acid is used in the food industry as an acid flavoring agent, color retention agent, preservative, and emulsifying stabilizer for egg yolks. Widely used in foods with added fruits such as jelly, it helps with food absorption and improves appetite. As an acid flavoring agent, it can be used instead of citric acid and is commonly used as an acid flavoring agent and preservative for cool beverages, cold foods, processed foods, and as a color retention agent for fruit drinks.

DL malic acid and citric acid

DL malic acid and citric acid are important sourness agents in food additives, and DL malic acid has the following advantages compared to citric acid:

Natural sources and health benefits: DL malic acid is a naturally occurring organic acid that exists in various fruits in the form of DL malic acid in nature. DL malic acid can participate in human circulation, be completely absorbed by the body, and directly participate in energy metabolism. It also has the function of quickly restoring physical strength, anti fatigue, improving the metabolic ability of metabolic enzymes in the body, and enhancing the metabolism and antioxidant capacity of liver tissue.

Sour taste characteristics: DL malic acid has a soft and refreshing sour taste. Compared with citric acid, it has a slower irritation, longer retention time, and a special aroma. This allows DL malic acid to provide a more natural and enjoyable sour taste experience when used as a food acidifier.

Low calorie and oral health: DL malic acid produces lower calories, has a softer taste, and causes less damage to the mouth and teeth. These characteristics give DL malic acid advantages in its application in food and beverages, especially in healthy and low calorie products.

Market trend: With the increasing demand from consumers for health and natural products, DL malic acid, as a natural organic acid, is also growing in demand in the market. Especially bio based DL malic acid, due to its healthy and environmentally friendly production methods, is gradually gaining popularity in the market.

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