What is gellan gum?

Gellan gum Food thickener, shelf life of two years, packaged in 25KG PP/PE Bag, CAS No.71010-52-1, Appearance white powder.


Gellan gum as emulsifier, suspension agent, thickening agent, stabilizer, has been widely used in food, cosmetics, detergent, ceramics, petroleum exploration, chemical coatings and other more than 20 fields.
1. Coated cosmetics: personal care products; Perfume.
2. Chemical industry: coating; Gelling agent; Toothpaste.
3. Agriculture: Fertilizer gel.
4. Other: automobile air freshener; Microorganisms; Plant medium, et

Development prospects:

Gellan gum as a microbial metabolic adhesive, has a short production cycle and is not limited by climate and geographical environmental conditions. It can be produced using various waste residues and waste liquids under artificial control conditions. In addition, its safety, non toxicity, unique physical and chemical properties, and other excellent characteristics have a wide range of application prospects in the food industry.


Gellan gum as a natural hydrophilic colloid, not only caters to the concept of green and healthy consumption, but also has obvious advantages in taste and cost.

Compared to xanthan gum, carrageenan, etc., it has obvious advantages. The use of gellan gum in fruit juice can effectively prevent insoluble particles such as pulp from settling and flocculation, maintain the stability of the entire system, and have superior taste.

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