Introduction to Vitamin E

Vitamin E powder is a powdered preparation that has undergone special processing and contains high concentrations of vitamin E. It appears light yellow or white in appearance and is easy to store and transport.


Vitamin E has significant antioxidant properties, helps improve blood circulation, enhance muscle endurance, and plays an important role in maintaining skin, hair, and eye health. It can also be used to prevent or assist in the treatment of various diseases, including cardiovascular disease, premature aging symptoms, etc.


Food industry: As a nutritional enhancer added to food, such as infant formula, breakfast cereals, nutritional supplements, etc., to increase the vitamin E content in food.

Feed industry: Used in animal feed as an additive to enhance the immune system and growth performance of animals.

Healthcare: Production of vitamin E capsules, tablets, or complex vitamin preparations for the treatment and prevention of vitamin E deficiency, as well as for use in beauty and skincare products.

Market development prospects

In 2023, the application of natural vitamin E in the fields of health products and food additives in China accounted for about 83.45% of the entire market, while the cosmetics and other industries accounted for about 16.55%.

With the acceleration of global population aging, the demand for maintaining physical health and delaying aging among consumers is increasing. It is expected that there will be sustained market demand for health products and functional foods rich in vitamin E.

With the increasing knowledge of skincare among consumers and the demand for natural and harmless products, the market for skincare products containing vitamin E is expected to continue to expand.

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