Project Description

Paraffin Wax China Supplier

This is a full refined fully refined paraffin wax product made from natural crude-based oil containing wax through the process steps of solvent deoiling and hydrotrating.

Type : Paraffin Wax
Model Number:58/60
Melting Point:58-60
Place of Origin : Liaoning, China
Grade Standard :Industrial Grade
Purity :99.5%
Appearance : Tech Powder
Application : Manufacturing matches, fiberboard, tarpaulins and so on
Brand Name : KUNLUN
name : Paraffin Wax Fully 58-60

Paraffin Wax Specification

Test Items Standard Test Result
Melting point ≥ 58-60 58.8
Oil Content %(m/m) ≤ 0.8 0.42
Color saybolt ≥ 27 30
Light Stability # ≤ 4 4
Penetration (25℃)1/10mm ≤ 19 15
Viscosity(100℃) mm2/s REPORT 3.887
Odor # ≤ 1 1
Water Soluble Acid And Alkali null null
Impurity and water null null

Paraffin Wax China Supplier

Paraffin Wax Application

Mainly used in the manufacture of matches, fiberboard, tarpaulins and so on. Fully refined paraffin wax and semi-refined paraffin wax is widely used, mainly for food, oral medicines and certain commodities (such as wax paper, crayon, candles, carbon paper) components and packaging materials, baking container coating material for fruit preservation , Electrical components insulation, improve rubber anti-aging and increase flexibility and so on. Can also be used for the oxidation of synthetic fatty acids.

Paraffin Wax Packing