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Manganese Carbonate China Supplier

Manganese Carbonate – is a compound with the chemical formula MnCO3. 

* Manganese carbonate occurs naturally as the mineral rhodochrosite but it is typically produced industrially. It is a pale pink, water-insoluble solid. 

*Manganese carbonate is rosy triangle crystal or amorphous brown powder. Calcined in the pyrolusite powder direct acidification method, which can shorten process, lower cost and reduce pollution to environment; widely used in ferrite, desulfurizatio, porcelain glaze, varnish, manganese salt, fertilizers, pharmacy and machine parts and agriculture.

Type : Manganese Carbonate
CAS No. : 598-62-9
MF : MnCO3
EINECS No. : 209-942-9
Place of Origin : China
Grade Standard : Agriculture Grade, Industrial Grade
Purity : 90%, 90%
Appearance : Pale Pink
Application : Agriculture & Industry
Brand Name :FIC
name : Manganese Carbonate

Manganese Carbonate Specification

Items  Standards  Results 
Manganese Carbonate(Base Mn) % ≥44.5 44.6
Chloride(Base CL) % ≤0.03 0.01
Manganese Sulfate(Base SO4) % ≤0.5 0.46
Heavy Metal(Base Pb) % ≤0.002 0.0012
Cd(Base Cd) % ≤0.001 0.0006
As(Base As) % ≤0.0005 0.0002
Nitric Acid Insoluble % ≤0.02 0.005
Manganese Carbonate Content % ≥92 92.1

Manganese Carbonate China Supplier

Manganese Carbonate Application

*Manganese Carbonate – is a water-insoluble manganese source which occurs naturally in the form of mineral rhodochrosite. It can easily be converted to other manganese compounds, such as the oxide by heating.

*Manganese carbonate can be widely applied in various fields. In the field of agriculture, it is commonly used as an additive to plant fertilizers, which is effective to cure the crops with manganese deficiency. It can also be applied in ceramics as a porcelain glaze, glaze colorant and flux and it serves as a catalyst in viscose process. Besides, it has been proved to be used as a hematinic in the field of medicine. Other applications of manganese carbonate involve in health foods, chemical industry and etc.

Manganese Carbonate Packing

25 KG pp/pe bag