Application of ammonium chloride


Application of ammonium chloride in drinking water treatment

On the processing of traditional drinking water treatment, Liquid Ammonia and Liquid Chlorine need to be added as disinfectant. However, there is always safety and transportation issues occurred. Especially in densely populated areas such as tourism, security issues are particularly prominent. After improvement, food grade Ammonium Chloride and Sodium hypochlorite is used to be disinfectant for drinking water treatment can solve the security issue.


Characteristics of Ammonium Chloride: Its appearance is white granule, Molecular formula is NH4Cl, Solid density 1.527g/cm3,have good chemical stability, unaffected by temperature and environmental changes. Ammonium Chloride easily soluble in water, when the water temperature being 0~30℃, its Solubility is 29.7~41.4g/100g water. Ammonium chloride granules have small hygroscopicity, but it will moisture absorption caking when happen to the raining days.


The safety of ammonium chloride:

  1. Theraw material of food grade Ammonium Chlorideis Industrial grade Ammonium Chloride, Processing purified to a mass fraction greater than 99.5%.
  2. Usingas Improver for food doughand Pharmaceutical, it can also reacts with chlorine to form a combined chlorine for disinfection in tap water .
  3. Productqualitystandard as Q/CAYM002-2008(Reference to America< Food Chemical Pharmacopoeia (FCCIV) standard > ), to make sure the water safety after  cast a heightened purity Ammonium Chloride.
  4. Solid Ammonium Chloride with no harm to human contact, taste salty
  5. Nodust, no pollutionfor the environment.
  6. No obvious pungent odor, no burning.


The Storage of Ammonium Chloride: Since ammonium chloride is less absorbent, it is recommended to store a quantity of about 6 months.


Disinfection principle of ammonium chloride: Sodium hypochlorite product Hypochlorite in waiter: NaOCl+H2O↔HOCl+NaOH; Ammonium in the formation of ammonia in water: NH4Cl+H2O↔NH3•H2O+HCl; Ammonia and hypochlorite react to produce a chlorine amine: NH3+HOCl↔NH2Cl+H2O;NH2Cl+HOCl↔NHCl2+H2O


Whether from energy saving and water saving and cost of making, even environmental protect and water, it is obvious that Ammonium Chloride have more advantages like safety, environmental protection, save energy and supply high quality water, In line with energy saving and emission reduction, sustainable development industry direction. As the development of the city and the growing attention of public safety, there will be more promotion and application for disinfection of ammonium chloride in water supply plant.


(1) using ammonium chloride in water supply plant instead of liquid ammonia eliminates the risk of liquid ammonia leaking in transportation and use, and effectively protects the city public safety.

(2) Ammonium chloride filling system solves the problem of scaling of water injector in the operation of liquid ammonia dosing system, and simplifies the operation steps of the workers.

(3) Ammonium chloride raw material cost than liquid ammonia has increased, but the ammonium chloride facility cost is low, and energy consumption equipment depreciation and maintenance costs are much lower than liquid ammonia, so the total water cost of ammonium chloride is lower than liquid ammonia.

(4) Ammonium chloride system occupies a small area, accounting for only 1/3 of the ammonia reservoir area.