What is Maltodextrin


What is Maltodextrin

This is a polysaccharide component that acts as a food additive. It is extracted from starch by a process of hydrolysis. It is white in colour. It is easily digested since it is similar to glucose in nature. However, compared to glucose, it is less sweet despite the fact that it is made of sugar molecules. Other than being a common ingredient in processed foods, it is also used to produce soft drinks as well as candy.


This product is made from corn, rice and starch found in potatoes. In some cases, wheat can also be added to the constituents. The above mentioned ingredients is well cooked. After that, acid or enzymes like alpha-amylase is added so that it breaks it down. After this, maltodextrin is extracted through hydrolysis thus acquiring a fine product with low sugar levels.

Maltodextrin is beneficial since it is used as a thickener to processed foods which helps raise its volume. In addition, it acts as a preservative. Its production is cheap thus it is mostly combined with other sweeteners. Thereafter, they can be added to desserts, soft drinks and instant foods like pudding. More so, it can be used as hair and skin protection products.

Then again, it can be used by athletes as well as body builders as a source of energy and calories. As a result, this product is added to energy drinks that are used by sportsmen. They help them gain weight and energy after a lot of exercises and tiresome day. This is because they are quickly digested thus resulting in a quick energy boost.

In addition, it acts as a prescription for treatment. Patients suffering from hypoglycaemia are advised to consume this product so as to boost their treatment. This is because when the product is regularly used, the blood sugar levels of the patient increases thereby increasing the speed of recovery. People suffering from diabetes also benefit from this chemical since it increases the insulin levels.

Additionally, the product can be used to replace fat present in carbohydrates. When it is added to water, it creates a heat-stable gel that is smooth enough as fat and therefore, it can be used instead of fats. When mixed with baked foods, it enhances the texture in products like cakes and biscuits Then again, it can be used to stabilize ice cream and yoghurt. This is because maltodextrin has the ability to influence the melting point of the substance and instead increase its freezing temperature. Furthermore, the product is mixed with beer so as to sweeten the mouth feel.

Subsequently, this product is important in the agricultural sector. This because it is used to feed livestock so as to improve their health by giving them energy. From this article, it can be seen that this product is important in almost all sectors of life. Be it food, beverages, medicine, agriculture, energy booster to athletes and body builders among others. This product is therefore advisable to be present and available in your home at all times.