What is Titanium Dioxide

White solid or powdered amphoteric oxides. Also known as titanium white. Chemical formula TiO2, molecular weight 79.9, melting point 1830~1850 °C, boiling point 2500~3000 °C. There are three variations of titanium dioxide that exist in nature: rutile is Tetragonal crystals; Anatase is a tetragonal crystal; Plate titanium ore is orthogonal crystals.

The solubility of titanium dioxide in water is very small, however, it can be soluble in acids and alkalis, and the chemical equation of the reaction is as follows:

Reaction of titanium dioxide and acid: TiO2+H2SO4=TiOSO4+H2O

The reaction of titanium dioxide and alkali: TiO2 + 2NaOH = Na2TiO3 + H2O



You Can See Titanium Dioxide Anywhere

Titanium dioxide can be extracted by rutile by acid decomposition, or by decomposition of titanium tetrachloride. Titanium dioxide is stable in nature, widely used as a white pigment in paint, it has good hiding ability, similar to lead white, but not like lead white will change black; It has the same durability as zinc white. Titanium dioxide is also used as a matting agent for enamel, which can produce a very bright light, bright, hard and acid-resistant enamel cover. The oxide of titanium, titanium dioxide, is a snow-white powder and is the best white pigment.
The main purpose of people mining titanium ore is to obtain titanium dioxide. Titanium dioxide has strong adhesion and is not easy to change chemically, always snow-white. What is particularly valuable is that titanium dioxide is non-toxic. It has a high melting point and is used to make refractory glass, glazes, enamel, clay, high-temperature resistant experimental utensils, etc.
Titanium dioxide is the whitest thing in the world, and l grams of titanium dioxide can paint an area of more than 450 square centimeters snow white. It is 5 times whiter than the commonly used white pigment one – zinc barium white, so it is the best pigment for white paint.
Titanium dioxide, which is used as a pigment in the world, is more than a year to hundreds of thousands of tons. Titanium dioxide can be added to the paper to make it white and opaque, the effect is 10 times greater than other substances, and therefore, banknote paper and art paper should be added titanium dioxide.
In addition, in order to lighten the color of the plastic and soften the shine of rayon, titanium dioxide is sometimes added. In rubber industrially, titanium dioxide is also used as a filler for white rubber.




  • Rutile types absorb more radiant energy at high energy (shorter wavelengths) than anatase types, in other words, for rutile type titanium dioxide, in the UV-wavelength band with strong killing power (350-400nm), its reflectivity to ultraviolet rays is far lower than anatase titanium dioxide, in this case, it has to share on the surrounding film-forming materials, resins, etc. The UV light is much less, so the service life of these organic matter is long.
  • Physical properties relative density Among commonly used white pigments, titanium dioxide has the smallest relative density and is of the same quality. Among the white pigments, titanium dioxide has the largest surface area and the highest pigment volume.



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