Glycerin has the chemical formula C3H8O3. It is a viscous, colorless, odorless liquid that is miscible with water and absorbs moisture. There are also gases such as hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide, which are widely used in a variety of industries. It’s commonly known as glycerin and glycerol, both have the same formula but different in purity. Glycerol is 95% glycerin, which directly means that glycerin is in its purest form. The two can be used replaceable only when purity is not a concern.



Where can it be applied?

Our glycerin source is pure natural vegetable oil(palm oil). But synthetic glycerin on the market is made from petroleum-based ingredients. Unlike synthetic glycerin, you can safely use our glycerin in the food industry/personal care industry/pharmaceutical industry/antifreeze industry/paint industry/new ceramic industry and so on. We can guarantee quality production for you.



Welcome to cooperate with us!

Dalian Future International company is the leading suppliers of glycerin in China. We set up a branch in Dubai and export to more than 100 countries around the world. Our products have multiple authentication certificates such as Reach/ISO/SGS. As a glycerin wholesaler and distributor, you will be able to obtain high-grade glycerin that meets the quality standards expected by global customers. At the same time, we can supply various chemicals in large quantities, provide price matching solutions for your production fields and sales markets, and become your best strategic partner!