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Both Sucrose and Sucralose are sugars that make you feel good. Their raw materials are taken from Sucrose and sugar beets, but Sucralose is obtained through complicated preparation methods, and Sucrose is one of the most common natural sugars. We will introduce Sucrose and sucralose respectively.




In nature, plants store some energy through photosynthesis, which helps cells maintain vital signs when there is no way to get energy. These energy substances are the Sucrose that we are in daily contact within certain plants. If a lot of these energy substances are accumulated, it is possible for plants to store these sugars on the rhizome in a complicated way, just like humans store fat, but in the plant world, such energy is called Starch. Animals and our humans are eating these stocks. The energy of matter is converted into sugar that can be absorbed by us through specific substances in our body.


How Sucrose is absorbed in the human body?


Sucrose is a disaccharide that is converted into Glucose and Fructose that can be absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract when consumed by humans.

A part of Glucose is transported to the whole body along with the circulation of blood, oxidatively decomposes in the cells, and finally carbon dioxide and water are generated to generate energy, which provides energy and maintains body temperature for brain tissue and human muscles.

The other part is stored by tissue and glycogen in muscles and liver. When the concentration of blood sugar is gradually reduced due to consumption, hepatic glycogen and liver and muscle; glycogen is broken down into glucose and continues to be a part of human life.


Origin of Sucrose


The origin of sucrose is ancient India, which has spread to all parts of the country through the Silk Road. The culture of ancient India is very popular. Our most common Arabic numerals originated in ancient India.

The earliest method of sucrose tanning was to squeeze sugar cane into juice. Using the fire to boil these juices, the cow’s milk and the quicklime are continuously stirred during the practice, and the impurities in the milk and the quicklime and the syrup are condensed into slag.

The original brown syrup becomes light, and after repeated procedures for removing impurities, the final result is obtained. Light yellow sucrose, after being introduced to China, China has created a method of decolorizing white sugar to make the white sugar we see now.




Sucralose is a new type of sweetener jointly developed by Taylor’s of the United Kingdom and the University of London and applied for the trademark (Splenda), so now some people know what Splenda is but do not know what Sucralose is.

Sucralose is 500-600 times sweeter than Sucrose. If Sucralose is mixed with other sweeteners, its sweetness will continue to increase. Its value for sweeteners is only about half that of ordinary Sucrose.

It is the world’s most popular sweetener and has been recognized as safe by many national and international food safety agencies.


Development of sugar substitutes led by Sucralose


Because people’s current health requirements are increasing, people will try to reduce the accumulation of some fat as much as possible. Natural sweeteners contain a lot of energy and sugar. People need a hand can be made sweet feeling to the people, on the other hand can also reduce the intake of sugar and sugar substitute some of the energy as much as possible. Thus came into being on behalf of sugar, sugar substitute.

Different sugar substitutes have many different excellent characteristics under the same sweet taste. The sugar content of the sugar substitute is generally lower than that of the normal sugar. Due to the cumbersome processing of sugar substitutes, most of the sugar substitutes are stored for a longer time than ordinary sugars.


Application scenario of sucralose


Because people now believe that excessive sugar addition may have an impact on overall health, for this reason, people turned their attention to the artificial sweetener Sucralose.

Synthetic sugar, which is considered to be safe because it is hardly absorbed by the body, is a very popular sugar substitute because of the risk of carcinogenicity of the currently popular sugar substitute Aspartame. First, many people with special diseases have a great dependence on Sucralose.


Health effects of Sucralose


Studies have shown that Sucralose has a large decrease in the number of intestinal bacteria after a large amount of feeding to mice. These bacteria are bacteria that can absorb normal sugar, but the amount of sucralose used in the experiment is huge.

According to the sweetness of Sucralose and Sucrose, the daily intake of Sucralose may not reach this indicator. Although Sucralose has good heat resistance, experiments have shown that the baked Sucralose food will release a toxic substance called chloropropanol, which will affect people’s health in many ways. . There is also a saying that Sucralose may cause changes in insulin and blood sugar levels, but this has not occurred in daily life.


Sucrose and sucralose


Both Sucrose and Sucralose are processed sugars from Sucrose and sugar beet. In the application of sweetener additives in food, Sucrose and Sucralose are good products, but if you need cane sugar, please go to the supermarket. The food ingredient area can be easily found. If you need Sucralose, please click here to contact us.