The discovery of paraffin

Paraffin wax was accidentally obtained by German scientists during the process of separating and purifying the naturally occurring waxy substance in petroleum. Unlike previous candles, Refined paraffin wax burns more cleanly and stably, and the manufacturing cost is lower than previous candles. The candles manufactured by this method are colorless and odorless, and can be fully burned.

This has more excellent characteristics than the previous tallow candle, which means an important advancement in the candle manufacturing industry.

Different applications of the same paraffin

The raw material of paraffin wax is usually loose wax, and the oil is separated by crystallization.

Determine the use of the product after separation according to the degree of separation. The least separated belongs to the pine wax category, which contains between 5% -20% of oil. It is usually used as matches, fiberboard and oil-proof materials

Infiltrating the paper into this loose wax can make a paper with good water resistance, which can be used for packaging food, etc. The oil content is 5% -0.5% is semi-refined paraffin; semi-refined paraffin has good moisture resistance and insulation properties, high plasticity.

It can be used as an insulating material in various communication equipment, etc., and can also be a variety of crayons, candles and wax paper materials in chemical industry.

Application of Refined paraffin wax

Fully refined paraffin wax is the least oil content, usually its oil content is less than 0.5%, fully refined paraffin wax is also called exquisite white wax, its high melting point, low oil content, waterproof and moisture resistance, while fully refined paraffin has good thermal stability Strong toughness, good plasticity, these excellent characteristics lead to the wide use of paraffin in the cosmetics, medical and food industries. The applications of paraffin in the cosmetics industry are lipstick and cream. While the most classic use of fully refined paraffin in the food industry is chocolate and chewing gum.

Paraffin wax can help shape the chocolate. At the same time, it can be applied to chewing gum. Paraffin wax can give the chocolate chewing characteristics. In industry, it is the best choice for lubricating applications and electrical insulation. At the same time, the use of fully refined paraffin wax in candle manufacturing will be better; the quality of the candles made will be much better.

Application of completely refined paraffin wax in isolation

Because of the water-resistance characteristic of paraffin, most of the lids of the plastic bottles we drink are made of paraffin. Paraffin is in contact with plastic to form a good seal to prevent water from flowing out.

At the same time, some household preservation and fermentation products usually use paraffin to play a good sealing role. Because the water resistance of paraffin can effectively inhibit the evaporation of moisture from fermentation products and fresh-keeping products, the melting point of paraffin is low, which is also a basic point for easy operation in ordinary households. There is no water in paraffin. Without water, there is no good channel for the transfer of bacteria and other pathogens. At the same time, paraffin itself will not become a medium for bacteria and other fungi. This is more important part in food preservation and fermentation.

Paraffin bath

The paraffin bath treatment method was originally developed by French physician Edmond Barthe de Sandfort in the early 19th century. He used a reagent called “ambrine”. This reagent is generally considered to be made of paraffin and amber resin oil. In addition to treating burns, research has also found that paraffin bath has the effect of treating rheumatism, joint pain and various skin discomforts.

Since then, the method of covering the whole body with paraffin has been rapidly popularized. Because paraffin has good heat storage properties and water resistance, after the paraffin bath, people will feel that the skin is very smooth and warm, and the operation of the paraffin bath is also very simple ,

Cover the cleaned hands with warm liquid paraffin, wrap the hands with a film, and cover them with a towel on the outside, so that it can be placed for a few minutes, which is simple and convenient.

Paraffin bath

Paraffin storage

Due to the low melting point characteristics of paraffin, special attention should be paid to the proper temperature during the storage of paraffin and avoid direct sunlight. Due to the flammability of paraffin, the storage of paraffin should be kept away from fire sources In the process of use, it is necessary to avoid the oxidation of paraffin caused by excessive temperature.

paraffin wax product

How to choose good paraffin

From the market point of view, China’s paraffin has been fully in line with the international standards, both in terms of price and quality have reached the international frontier, with the continuous increase in the level of consumption of people around the world, the consumption of paraffin will further increase,

China’s annual export volume of paraffin wax accounts for about 70% of the world’s total paraffin trade volume. Stable supply and excellent product prices and quality make China’s paraffin export trade more and more popular. The share of trade in the world will increase further in the next few years.

Paraffin is one of our most powerful products. We have exported it to more than 50 countries around the world for 10 years. In China, there are dozens of manufacturers, but only Kunlun manufacturers guarantee the best quality. We have long-term cooperation with them because we order 10,000 tons per year to provide customers with their demand for paraffin.

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