What is lactic acid?

Lactic acid, a carboxylic acid with the chemical formula C3H6O3, Lactic acid is an organic acid produced from corn starch through biological fermentation,A colorless, clear or slightly yellow viscous liquid;Widely used in the food industry, pharmaceuticals, industry, and cosmetics industry.


Lactic acid has anti-corrosion and fresh-keeping effects, and can be used in fruit wine, beverages, meat, food, pastry making, vegetable pickling, canned processing, grain processing, and fruit storage;

Lactic acid is used in formulated yogurt, cheese, ice cream, and other foods;

Lactic acid is used as a sour taste regulator in baked foods such as bread, cake, and biscuits for seasoning and antibacterial effects, and can improve the quality of food, maintain color, and extend shelf life;

Lactic acid powder can be used in hard candy, fruit candy, and other candy products, with moderate acidity and low sugar conversion rate;

In terms of seasoning, lactic acid can be applied to seasonings such as salads, soy sauce, vinegar, etc;

Is lactic acid in food additives harmful to humans?

Lactic acid is an acidity regulator that is not toxic when consumed under normal circumstances. The additives added to food generally meet the standards for additive use.

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