The chemical formula of sodium nitrite is NaNO2 CAS number: 7632-00-0, it is a white to light yellow crystal. It has very good water solubility and hygroscopicity. The aqueous solution is weakly alkaline with a pH of about 9. It is easily soluble in liquid ammonia and slightly soluble in organic solvents such as ethanol, methanol, and ether. Sodium nitrite has a salty taste and is used to make fake table salt. In air, sodium nitrite is slowly oxidized to sodium nitrate (NaNO3), which is a strong oxidizing agent. Sodium nitrite is prone to explosion when it encounters organic matter.

Industrial use: You may need sodium nitrite if you are in the following industries.

Food industry: As a food additive, sodium nitrite can not only dye and keep fish and meat fresh, but also inhibit the growth of botulism.

Medicinal uses: Sodium nitrite has a significant effect on dilating blood vessels and improving blood circulation. Sodium nitrite is also used in vasodilation and bronchodilator drugs for humans or animals, and can even be used for detoxification of cyanide.

Chemical use: Sodium nitrite is used for the conversion of amines to diazonium compounds. In the laboratory, sodium nitrite is also used to deal with excess sodium azide.

Other application fields: nitroso compounds and other organic compounds; dyeing and bleaching of fiber textiles; photography; anti-corrosion agent in the laboratory; additive in metal coating; rubber production. Its 10% aqueous solution is also used in electroplating.

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