Glycerol monostearate is an organic compound with the Molecular formula of C21H42O4. It has good surface activity and can play the role of emulsification, dispersion, defoaming, anti starch aging, etc. It is the most widely used emulsifier in food and cosmetics.


It can be used as an emulsifier, co emulsifier, stabilizer, and preservative. It is used as bread softener in food processing, defoamer in bean products, emulsifier and stabilizer in dairy products, Margarine and cakes.

It can be used in food for preservation of meat products, dairy products, beer, soy sauce, etc., as well as for preservation of fruits.

Emulsifiers for industrial silk finishing agents and lubricants for textiles; Used as a drip and anti fog agent in plastic films; Used as lubricant and Antistatic agent in plastic processing; Used as a suppository base and drug carrier in the pharmaceutical industry. It is also used to prepare cosmetic cream, cream and lotion.

What role does it play in food?

For candy and chocolate, it can prevent the separation of fat from milk sugar and Toffee; Prevent the crystallization of chocolate sugar and the separation of oil and water, increasing the delicacy. The reference dosage is 0.2% -0.5%.

Used in ice cream, it can make the tissue mix evenly, make the tissue delicate, smooth, and puffy, improving its shape retention.

The reference dosage in dairy products, Margarine and cakes is 0.3% -0.5%; The amount of defoamer used for soy sauce, soy milk, and lactic acid beverages is 0.1%.

Used for Margarine, it can prevent oil-water separation, layering and other phenomena, and improve the quality of products.

Used in beverages, adding it to fatty protein beverages can improve stability and prevent oil from floating and protein from sinking. It can also be used as stabilizer in emulsified essence.

Used for bread, it can improve the structure of dough tissue, prevent bread aging, make bread soft, increase volume, be elastic, and extend shelf life.

Is Glycerol monostearate harmful to human body?

Glycerol monostearate is widely used in food, such as bread, candy, ice cream and various beverages. Proper use can improve the taste and appearance of food, and is one of the most widely used food additives.

As a food emulsifier, if Glycerol monostearate is added according to the dose specified by the state, appropriate consumption of relevant food will not cause harm.

Glycerol monostearate is used in cosmetics, medicines, etc. And the dosage is very small. In addition, China’s preparation technology has reached a relatively safe and comprehensive level, usually harmless to the human body.

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