Sodium lactate plays multiple roles in food, and its unique properties make it an important food additive.

The following are the main applications of Sodium lactate in the baking industry:

  1. Anti corrosion and preservation: Sodium lactate, as a food preservative, can extend the shelf life of food, especially in the meat and poultry food processing industry, which is widely used.
  2. pH regulator: It can regulate the acidity and alkalinity of food, maintain its stability and expected taste, which is crucial for many processed foods.
  3. Flavor enhancement: Sodium lactate can enhance the natural flavor of food, especially the flavor of meat products, making food more delicious and delicious.
  4. Moisturizing and emulsifying: As a moisturizing agent and emulsifier, it can help food retain moisture, prevent dryness, and promote oil-water mixing, making the food texture more delicate and uniform.
  5. Nutritional supplementation: Moderate consumption of foods containing sodium lactate can provide the body with a certain amount of mineral sodium, but its main function is not direct nutritional supplementation.

In summary, sodium lactate can not only enhance the safety and preservation of food, but also improve the sensory characteristics of food, meeting the dual needs of modern consumers for health and deliciousness.

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