Sodium alginate is a by-product after extracting iodine and Mannitol from kelp or sargassum of brown algae. It is a natural polysaccharide. Sodium alginate is white or yellowish powder, almost odorless and tasteless. Sodium alginate is not only a safe food additive, but also a base material for bionic food or therapeutic food.


It has unique advantages in thickening. The good fluidity of sodium alginate makes the added drinks taste smooth; And it can prevent the phenomenon of viscosity decrease during the product disinfection process. It can greatly improve the viscosity of sodium alginate.

Sodium alginate is the stabilizer of ice cream and other cold drinks. It can make ice cream and other cold drinks produce smooth appearance and smooth taste.

Sodium alginate is used as a stabilizer for dairy products and beverages. Stable frozen milk has good taste.

Application in food:

Sodium alginate is used to replace starch and gelatin as the stabilizer of ice cream, improve the taste of ice cream, and stabilize mixed drinks such as sugared ice-cream, ice-cream syrup, and frozen milk. Many dairy products, such as refined cheese, Whipped cream, dry cheese, etc., can prevent food from sticking to the packaging by using the stabilizing effect of sodium alginate, and can be used as a cover for dairy jewelry, which can keep it stable and prevent the cracking of frosted pastry.

Sodium alginate is used as thickener for salad dressing, pudding, jam, tomato sauce and canned products to improve the stability of products and reduce liquid leakage.

Adding sodium alginate in the production of dried noodles, vermicelli and Rice noodles can improve the cohesiveness. Adding sodium alginate to bread, pastry and other products can prolong the storage time. Adding a fusion protective layer to frozen sweet food products can improve the performance of aroma dissipation and melting point.

Sodium alginate can be made into various gel foods to maintain good colloidal form without seepage or shrinkage, and is suitable for frozen food and artificial imitation food. It can also be used to cover fruits, meat, poultry, and aquatic products as a protective layer, avoiding direct contact with air and extending storage time. It can also be used as the icing of bread, filling filler, coating layer of Dim sum, canned food and other self setting forming agents. It can also replace agar to make elastic, non stick, and transparent crystal gummies.

Application in the printing and textile industry:

Sodium alginate is used as Reactive dye color paste in printing and dyeing industry, which is superior to grain starch and other sizes. The printed textiles have bright patterns, clear lines, high color supply, uniform color yield, and good permeability and plasticity. Seaweed glue is the best slurry for modern printing and dyeing industry, and has been widely used in printing various fabrics such as cotton, wool, silk, nylon, etc. It is particularly suitable for preparing dye printing paste.

Application in cosmetics:

Sodium alginate has a good moisturizing effect. It is used as a stabilizer in cosmetics to maintain the stability of various ingredients in cosmetics and extend their life. Cosmetics contain sodium alginate, which can provide sufficient water for the skin and form a moisturizing film to protect the skin from external environment

Benefits of sodium alginate to human body:

Sodium alginate is an excellent natural dietary fiber, which can slow down the absorption of fatty acids and bile salts, reduce serum cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar, and prevent hypertension, diabetes, obesity and other modern diseases. Moreover, sodium alginate can inhibit the accumulation of harmful metals such as strontium, cadmium and lead in the body in the intestinal tract.

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