Gratitude for ten years, go with dreams 2010-2020 10th Anniversary Dalian International Trade Fuyoute Co., Ltd.

What kind of passions and dreams allowed the graduates of the newborn calves to complete the export of 300,000 US dollars in the first anniversary of the establishment of the company?

What kind of persistence and belief allowed the company to expand its team five times within five years to achieve a sales of 50 million?

What kind of credibility and service have allowed 58 well-known domestic and foreign customers to work together and cooperate with Fuyoute in good faith for ten years?

What kind of group of people shouldered the mission of KEY for China National Chemicals Import and Export and achieved the goal of 100 million yuan on the tenth anniversary of the company?

They have a common name: Fuyoute

[Chasing Dream]

In 2010, a few young people who graduated from universities and had been in the society for several years have faded away from their eyes, holding on to the dreams in their hands, constantly exploring, accumulating, and precipitating, and founded Dalian Fuyoute International Trade Limited company

“FUTURE” means the future, which not only represents expectations for the future, but also represents the decision to create the future


This year, 3 people completed an export value of 300,000 US dollars

From 2011 to 2014, the company gradually moved into a new office of more than 100 square meters due to development needs.

Bigger, the staff gradually increased, and more fresh blood was gradually incorporated, and the wings became more abundant

While the team is growing, the running-in of sales, purchasing, and operations has gradually stabilized, and the company has taken a solid step towards higher development.

[Building Dreams]

In 2015, the company’s office was moved to a high-end office in the High-tech Park, covering an area of ​​over 800 square meters. At the same time, it attracted more talents, laying a solid foundation for the company’s next stage of development.

The company’s structure is gradually complete. The administration department and the finance department have been established independently. The business has developed from a group of 4 people at the beginning to a team of 12 people in three groups.

At the same time, he joined the Dalian Innovation E-Commerce Association in 2014 and the influence of large enterprises in Beijing in 2015. After in-depth exchanges and learning, he obtained more management and management methods, which made the company’s various departments more streamlined, institutionalized, and standardized, and greatly improved The overall efficiency of the company

In addition, with the unremitting efforts of all colleagues, the company actively participated in professional industry exhibitions at home and abroad, made targeted breakthroughs and successfully achieved various annual performance goals, especially in 2015, reaching 50 million sales, winning the first five years plan

[Realize Dream]

From 2018 to 2019, the company seeks development while maintaining stability, and was listed in the Dalian Equity Exchange Center in 2018 (code 200375).

The company always puts the corporate mission of customer satisfaction and employee happiness in the first place, strengthens the construction of corporate culture, and penetrates the corporate values ​​of loyalty, unity, integrity, sharing, and innovation into the hearts of every Fuyoute employee, and insists on The concepts of efficiency, learning, gratitude, execution, detail and quality are implemented in every link of the work

In addition, the company has launched a selection system within the company, optimized the promotion mechanism, established a complete internal evaluation system for all employees, and deepened employees’ understanding of the company’s basics and its own business. Joining the company’s first foreign multilingual employee will open up a professional international market and take a step forward

In order to adapt to the general environment and use the advantages of the Internet, the company has made the operation of the network platform more professional and refined, focusing on the promotion of certain categories of products, so as to achieve “a grasp”

At the same time, Epler was established to establish a three-in-one full-service service in Dalian, Hong Kong and Dubai, and the business became more diversified, adding more possibilities for foreign trade business development

The goal of 80 million was completed in 2018 and the goal of 100 million in 2019. These exciting figures are the results of the joint efforts of all “Fuyoute people”.


In 2020, Fuyoute will be ten years old

Over the past ten years, Fuyoute’s performance has continued to rise, as well as the love of giving back to the society. We care for autistic children in Chenguang College every year. We set March 1 as the company’s love activity day to contribute a little to Chenguang College. Social gratitude and feedback

In the past ten years, Fuyoute has an expanding team, and it has also taken care of its employees. Birthday celebrations, family blessings & birthday cakes, major holiday gifts, group building activities and annual international tours are all Fuyoute’s family members. Silent love and blessing

In the past ten years, Fuyoute can achieve today’s achievements even more so that you get along with us Asahi: our partners, our customers, our factory, Fuyoute thank you for your unhesitating support, we are ready I feel honored, only grateful and thankful

For ten years, we wanted to make Fuyoute the KEY for China’s chemical products import and export, so that every country and every city in the world will have Chinese chemical products. The vision of building a FIC brand enterprise is being realized step by step.

For the common dream, whether you are a conscientious “Fuyoute” employee, or silently behind

The “family” who came out, or the supporters who have always been willing to hesitate, Fuyoute today needs to thank you

Thank you, thank you…