How or where to buy Citric Acid?

I am thinking about how to buy citric acid.

Before you know where to buy citric acid, you have to figure out what citric acid is.

Before you know where to buy citric acid, you have to figure out what citric acid is. When we hear the word “acid”, we must have some unhealthy memories, such as “sulfuric acid”. If we accidentally touch it, we should quickly wash it with plenty of water.
But unlike citric acid, it is a kind of “weak acid”. It is a common food additive used to preserve food, add sourness to food, act as an emulsifier, and even harden water.
In 1784, Swedish researchers first extracted citric acid from lemon juice. Since this colorless and odorless compound is made of lemon juice, it was named citric acid until the early 20th century, when the researchers found that he could Make with black mold Aspergillus niger, it produces citric acid from sugar. Since natural-synthetic citric acid is too expensive on the market, and it is still in short supply, the market is mostly citric acid synthesized in this way.
Citric acid has many uses and can be used as food additives, household cleaners, flavor enhancers, water softeners, canned foods, skincare products, and the like. Different users have different usages and dosages.
You read this article and decided that you need it. You should follow the steps below to consider it.

Think about the type of citric acid you want to use.

Do you want to be the hottest bath bomb? Use your dexterous hand to make a bath bomb. When you add a bathroom bomb to the water, it will produce carbon dioxide and bubbles, and it will make a loud noise. You can also add some color and other materials to increase the bath. Experience. If you like to make bathroom bombs and like to share your productions and joy with friends, then you can buy more.
Want to add a delicious drink to improve the taste? If you like some sour food, you may try citric acid, add citric acid to your various daily beverages and foods as an additive, not only can you increase The taste can also increase the shelf life of the food, killing two birds with one stone.
If you simply want to use citric acid as a cleansing solution, if the object of cleaning is not in direct contact with humans, you can choose industrial grade citric acid. If it comes into contact with human skin or eats directly, such as bathroom bombs and as a food additive, then Food grade citric acid must be your choice.
So to sum up, the citric acid used in our daily life is mostly food grade. The food-grade citric acid has good purity, although the price is higher than the industrial-grade citric acid, For your sake. Use food-grade citric acid for daily safety.

Think about how much your needs are.

If you want to buy a small amount of citric acid to try this product for the first time, your best choice is the roadside store or supermarket. Of course, the bakery will also buy citric acid in bulk. Below you may buy citric acid. Several channels
(1) Look for citric acid in the canned raw material area of ​​the supermarket, which is often placed near the ingredients that make the can.
(2) Finding the “acid salt” in the food cleaning area or the spice area is the citric acid we are looking for.
(3) Go to the bakery and ask if there is any stock of citric acid. They need it in most cases.
If you want to use citric acid for a long time or use citric acid in large quantities, then you should consider how to buy citric acid is the most cost-effective for you, for example, you see the citric acid 0.5KG package, citric acid The price tag is $5, then this means that the price of 1KG of citric acid is $10. If the citric acid you find online is 50KG, the price is $200 (provided you can need these citric acids. This means that you only need to bear the price of citric acid per 1KG for $4. You can get more citric acid at the same price, which means you can enjoy more bathroom bombs or you can drink more delicious drinks. Don’t worry about not having citric acid.

How to buy the most cost-effective citric acid

If you want to save you more money, the bulk purchase is definitely the first step to save money, but saving money is not the most important. We must be very strict in quality. It is you who choose quality raw materials. The first step to success is that the factories that bring citric acid are numerous in the world. If you have the largest factory, the most variety, the most affordable price, and the best quality, I can only think of the Chinese factory, in the Pacific future. “You can easily get the best quality products, you can get the most intimate service and save a lot of products, we provide the most competitive product quality and price, and make sure you can get everything you need as soon as possible.”
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Citric acid tips

If you buy a lot of citric acids, don’t worry that you won’t be able to use it. You will find that there are many times in life that you can use. For example, I will give you a few common examples.

The bathroom bomb is one of our favorite bath products. It can make your bathtub emit a squeaking sound that you can enjoy, and it will make you surrounded by a lot of bubbles when you put it in the bathroom bomb. When you like your favorite perfume or essential oil, it can also help them to evaporate better, give you a dreamlike bathing experience, and also exfoliate your skin while you enjoy it. It is a good idea. Here’s how to make a bathroom bomb.
1. The first thing we have to prepare is a bathtub bomb mold, two cups of sodium bicarbonate, a cup of citric acid, a cup of Epsom salt, four spoonfuls of sunflower oil, and some essential oils or herbs you like.
2. Mix the Epsom salt, citric acid, and sodium bicarbonate into a large bowl, mix well, put in the mold, and drop your favorite essential oils, herbs, etc. into the grinding tool.
3. Place the finished semi-finished product in a dry and ventilated place for 24 hours, then your bathtub bomb will be made.

The lemon sandwich cake I believe everyone has eaten lemon sandwich cake, open a soft Confucian delicious put in the mouth, still have some lemon aroma feeling I believe everyone has experienced it in the cake shop, then I will share with you How to make a lemon cake?
1. Prepare a few eggs, a piece of butter, some baking soda, some bottom flour, and salt
2. The butter is softened with baking soda and then fermented with sugar powder. Add some citric acid to the butter, add eggs and flour and sugar, stir well and add another part of citric acid.
3. Bake the delicious lemon cake for 40 minutes in a 180-degree oven.