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Sodium Gluconate China Supplier

Sodium gluconate,it is the sodium salt of gluconic acid,It can be used as foodadditives,and can be used as water quality stabilizer because it has excellentinhibiting capacity to scale,It also can be used as surface cleaning agent metal,used as cleaning agent of glass bottle,be used as water reducing agent and retarder in the building& construction industry,Steel surface cleaning agent,Used in the textile industry as a nuisanceless greenchelating dispersant,and as a water reducer and retarder in construction industry and glass bottle exclusive cleaning agent.

Type : Food Grade
CAS No. : 527-07-1
MF : C6H1107NA
Place of Origin : China
Grade Standard : Food Grade E576
Purity : 98%min, 98%min
Appearance : White
Other Names:Gluconic acid sodium salt
Brand Name :FIC
Classification: Chemical Auxiliary Agent

Sodium Gluconate Specification

Item Standard Inspection Result
Appearance White or slight Yellowish Crystal Powder Pass
Loss on dry, % 0.5 max 0.19
Content, 98% min 98.7
Reduzate ,% 0.5 max 0.45
Chloride, % 0.07 max < 0.07
Sulphate, % 0.05 max < 0.05
PH 6.2-7.8 6.82
Pb , mg/kg 10 max Pass
Heavy Metal , mg/kg 20 max Pass
Grade Technical Grade Pass

Sodium Gluconate China Supplier

Sodium Gluconate Application

1. Because sodium gluconate has excellent effects of corrosion and scale proof, it is widely used as water quality stabilizer, such as the  treatment  chemicals  in the cooling cycle system in petrochemical field, low pressure boilerandengine cooling water system .

2. Steel surface cleaning agent.

3. Glass bottle exclusive cleaning agent

4. As a water reducer and retarder in construction industry

5. Used in the textile industry as a nuisanceless greenchelating dispersant

Sodium Gluconate Packing

25kg/pp pe bag or kraft bag