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Isolated Soy Protein China Supplier

Isolated Soy Protein is a highly refined form of soy protein with minimum protein content of 90% on dry basis. It is made from soybean, can be widely used in sausage, meat ball, quick frozen foods, surimi products, meat products, textured soy protein, extrusion foods, vegetarian foods, dairy products, nutrition foods, beverage etc.

Type : Isolated Soy Protein China Supplier
CAS No. : 9010-10-0, 9010-10-0
MF : C3H10N2
EINECS No. : 232-720-8
Place of Origin : Inner Mongolia, China
Grade Standard :Food Grade
Purity :90%(min)
Appearance : White or Light Yellow Powder
Application : Food Additive
Brand Name :FIC
name : Soya Protein

Isolated Soy Protein Specification

Item Standard Result
Appearance light-yellow powder light-yellow powder
Odor Neutral to Nutty Neutral to Nutty
Flavor Pleasant to Nutty Pleasant to Nutty
Crude protein (dry basis N*6.25)% 90% Min. 90.51%
NSI (Nitrogen soluble index)% 85% Min. 90.22%
P H value 7.0±0.5 7.53
Moisture % 7.0%Max. 6.50%
Ash (dry basis) % 6.0%Max. 5.11%
Fat% 0.5%Max. 0.32
Fineness(through100mesh) 95%Min. 98%
Total plate count (cfu/g) 20,000 Max. 1020
E-coli (MPN/100g) Negative Negative
Salmonella(in 25g) Negative Negative
Isolated Soy Protein china supplier

Isolated Soy Protein Application

In the production of baked food, frozen food and soup, soy protein isolate can make the product stable as emulsifier.

Soy protein isolate can reduce the loss of fat and juice during processing of meat products, which will help maintain the stability of the meat products.

Soy protein isolate can give the loose structure and good taste of food.

Soy Protein isolate can form a thin film on the surface of the fiber, preventing the loss of smell.

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Isolated Soy Protein Paking

20kg/complex kraft bag
12MT/20’fcl (without pallet)