Project Description

Agar agar

AGAR is widely used in food industry, pharmaceutical industry, daily chemical industry, biological engineering and many other aspects, its characteristics: coagulability, stability, can form complex with some substances and other physical and chemical properties, can be used as thickener, coagulant, suspension agent, emulsifier, preservative and stabilizer.Widely used in the manufacture of orange and various beverages, jelly, ice cream, pastry, soft candy, canned food, meat products, eight treasures porridge, tremella bird’s nest, soup food, cold food and so on. AGAR in the chemical industry, medical research, can be used as a medium, ointment and other USES.
Type : Emulsifiers, Stabilizers, Thickeners
CAS No. : 9002-18-0
MF : C24H36O25S2
EINECS No. : 232-658-1
Place of Origin : China
Grade Standard :Food Grade
Purity :99%
Appearance : Pure White
Application : Food Addtive
Brand Name : FIC
name : Agar
Package:25kg bag


Gel Strength,g/cm2 —— ≥1050
Moisture ,% ≤20 ≤13
Hot Water Insoluble Matter ,% ≤1 ≤1
Starch not blue not blue
Heavy metals(as Pb) Max.20ppm Max.20ppm
Lead Max.5ppm Max.5ppm
Arsenic Max.3ppm Max.3ppm
Color from white to light yellow from white to light yellow
Ash,% ≤6.5 ≤3
PH —— 5—8
Sieve residue (60) —— 95%passed


1. Orange and various beverages;

2. Jelly, ice cream, cakes, soft candies, canned;

3. meat products, eight-treasure porridge;

4. , tremella bird’s nest, soup food, cold food etc.


1. Rich in minerals and multivitamins;
2. The alginate species contained therein have a hypotensive effect;
3. Starch-rich sulfate has a lipid-lowering function, which has certain preventive effects on hypertension and hyperlipidemia;
4. Absorb moisture in the intestines, expand the contents of the intestines, increase the amount of stool


Packaging: 25 kg/Bag
Loading quantity: 150CARTONS/3000KGS